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 Is this new to you?

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BeitragThema: Is this new to you?   Mi Aug 03, 2011 11:53 am

Hello. Have Vista Ultimate running on 3 PC's (1 desktop & 2 laptops) and DVD Shrink works just fine.. If you are having problems, go into properties and try setting to run in XP SP2 compatibility mode.If the only thing you're using Daemon Tools for is to be able to mount an iso... Slysoft.com has "virtual clonedrive" which is a free program.. You might want to try that one.Originally posted by haskins69: ok I tried dvd shrink 32015 on my vista ultimate and it didn't work !!might try again though its a good program if it works"witenoiz" said he's trying all on windows 7 , right?well I got my keys and ISO's for 32bit&64bit the only thing stopping me from installing it is a program that works like Daemon tools or alcohol 120% to well do what they do I'm told both DON'T WORK , so no games to test so no installif any one finds a program that does what daemon tools does and works on windows 7 please PM me or post here I'm linked thanks~~~~ Nothings Forgotten. Nothing Is Ever Forgotten. ~~~~
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Is this new to you?
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